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My very first sock monkey :)

I’ve been wanting to make a sock monkey for the longest time, but I had been waiting for the perfect pair of socks.  Over the weekend, when I was shopping at the dollar store, I spotted this pair of socks, and I was like “wow, this is the one!”.  It was cheap and it has the perfect pattern and color.  I bought the pair of socks, and the moment I got home,  I started to make my sock monkey.

I follow the instruction here, and TA-DA……



While I was at the dollar store, I saw a few more pair of socks that I like, so I bought them all, and I am planning to make more sock plushies – sock elephant, sock bear and sock lion etc.~

It will probably take me some time to get to those, but I can’t wait to see my own collection of sock plushies :p


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Knit Square/Cat Hats

Winter is approaching, and it’ time to knit for warmth again!

I had been holding back going to Michaels for a while because every time I go, I can spend a lot buying something new.  I already have TONs of yarns and MANY ongoing projects, and  I am running out of money and out of space,  BUT winter is coming, so um…  I guess I just have to go look at yarns. 🙂

So this year, I went to Michaels and the Caron Cake yarn really caught my attention.

The Caron Cake yarn has multiple colors within a ball where the same color runs very long before it changes to another color, so it creates stripes of colors for a project without having to change to another yarn and weave in ends.  Also, it is important to note that it has 20% wool in this.  It just make things that much warmer.  So what I did with this Caron Cake yarn I bought was make some quick and simple hats. I was able to  make three hats from it, all looking very awesome and unique with their own special sequence of colors.

Knit Square_Cat Hat mid blueKnit Square_Cat Hat dark blueKnit Square_Cat Hat ligth blue

These hats shown above are being sold in my shop, and I will be making more hats and putting them up for sale, but if you want to make your own, I have written down the pattern and you can find it in my “Free Patterns” section under the “Hats” category.

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Crochet Onigiri Sushi Cat


I have created a series of crochet sushi cats back in December when I had my first holiday market and was planning to write out my patterns then, but I had been too busy with work, new projects and vacations etc., that I couldn’t set aside any time to finish writing out my patterns.

FINALLY, I had no special plans this long weekend, and I have finalize one of my patterns (see below for this happy looking onigiri sushi cat 🙂 ).


If you want to make one or a bunch of them, please visit my shop and you can purchase the pattern there!

And I will find some time to finalize my other patterns soon!

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This is what I made last weekend because my son requested it.  Not so confident about this one, I was making it as I go, but my little one seems to like it, so I guess it’s fine. Maybe, just maybe…. if I have the time, I will try make a better one and write out the pattern.

Oh. And I just notice, it’s missing the sword. I guess that’s this week’s project…

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Crochet Baby Converse!!

My first pair of crochet Converse!

I’ve always wanted to make a pair and finally got a chance to make this as a gift.  I didn’t write out a pattern this time because my pair of crochet Converse was based on different patterns I found on the internet.  I was taking out bits and pieces from different patterns depending on  my likes as I crochet. However, I do found this video very helpful.  If you wanted to crochet a pair of Converse, this is definitely a video you should look at!