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Crochet Onigiri Sushi Cat


I have created a series of crochet sushi cats back in December when I had my first holiday market and was planning to write out my patterns then, but I had been too busy with work, new projects and vacations etc., that I couldn’t set aside any time to finish writing out my patterns.

FINALLY, I had no special plans this long weekend, and I have finalize one of my patterns (see below for this happy looking onigiri sushi cat 🙂 ).


If you want to make one or a bunch of them, please visit my shop and you can purchase the pattern there!

And I will find some time to finalize my other patterns soon!


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This is what I made last weekend because my son requested it.  Not so confident about this one, I was making it as I go, but my little one seems to like it, so I guess it’s fine. Maybe, just maybe…. if I have the time, I will try make a better one and write out the pattern.

Oh. And I just notice, it’s missing the sword. I guess that’s this week’s project…

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Crochet Baby Converse!!

My first pair of crochet Converse!

I’ve always wanted to make a pair and finally got a chance to make this as a gift.  I didn’t write out a pattern this time because my pair of crochet Converse was based on different patterns I found on the internet.  I was taking out bits and pieces from different patterns depending on  my likes as I crochet. However, I do found this video very helpful.  If you wanted to crochet a pair of Converse, this is definitely a video you should look at!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!












I had been looking around the internet for the past few weeks to look for the perfect rose pattern to crochet.  I wanted to make some roses in time for Valentine’s day ♥ ! There are plenty of good patterns out there, but there were several criteria that I was looking for – like using worst weight yarn, having pointy pedals and making one where I don’t have to crochet the leaves separately.  Yes, I am a little picky, so I ended up looking through different patterns and came up with my own.  The pattern for the roses you see in the picture is now up on my free pattern section.  If you want to make something quick and pretty, either as a gift or for yourself, this is definitely a great project to make!  🙂

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Happy Chinese New Year!


This year is the year of the rooster, so I’ve created a golden chicken pattern to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  This golden chicken is a happy one.  It makes a good company and it’s definitely a cute decoration.  Also, it is quite simple to make.  If you want to make one, please visit my shop and you can purchase it from there!

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Cable Knits Wrist Warmers


My friend saw online a pair of cable knits wrist warmers and wanted me to make her a pair, so here it is!  I have also written down the pattern and it can be found under my “Free Pattern Section” – click here.

While figuring out how to work the cable knit, I came across the link listed below and found it super helpful understanding what I am doing.


After making this wrist warmers, I think I will keep making more wrist warmers when I want to learn new stitches because not only do you get to test out the new stitches you learn, you will also get an end product!