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I had been very interested in making hats lately because of the chilly winter!

I had made three hats during this winter, one of them is a balaclava hat, but I still haven’t get a chance to take pictures of that, but will do that soon….

For now, here’s the other two that I made.

The one below was done based on a pattern I found here: http://www.yarnspirations.com/patterns/winter-weekend.html

black and grey hat

And then made another hat because my son insist that he wanted one with creepers on it.  And it seems like I might be doing a new project soon – A CREEPER PLUSH!!

Creeper's hat


Crochet Pea Shooter (Repeater) Hat

It’s been a while since I updated my blog, but I wasn’t being lazy, I was just really busy crocheting scarves for the holiday season and making my son’s costume for Halloween.

Crocheting scarves weren’t so fun, but making my son’s costume was definitely fun. He insisted that he wanted his Pea Shooter to be able to upgrade to a Gatling pea. It took a while to make everything, but I finished it and it work out very well!

20131031_210711    20131031_210605

My next project will be working on some crochet snowmen for the Christmas season, hopefully it will turn out as well as the pea shooter!