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Double-sided fingerless mittens


I’ve had this idea of making double-sided fingerless mittens for a while, but had been having lots of issues as I work out the pattern.  Two of the issues I came across was figuring out what’s the perfect amount of stitches to cast on and how to create the “perfect” thumb hole.  There had been lots of frustration for me when working this out because  I find it hard to fix a mistake with double knitting.  However, after all the struggles, I was able to finish up my test mitten.

One thing that I definitely have to mention was the yarn that I used for this mitten. The pattern it made really interested me and I was amazed!

This is the yarn I used – Caron Simply Soft Camo Yarn, 4 Ounce, Night Camo.


And I thought I’d also share this great video I’ve watched about the double sided knitting method.
Double Side Knitting


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Fingerless Mittens

My test fingerless mitten.

I felt like I have to post this because this took me such a LOOONNNGGG time to make and I finally have something that is close to what I would like.  I know this look  very simple, but because I had too many ideas going through my head, I can’t settle on anything.  I was knitting and taking everything apart numerous time, it was VERY frustrating.  But the good thing is, during this whole process, I have learnt new knitting techniques – double knitting, two-colours knitting and button hole knitting.

Too many sleepless night because of this.  Now that I have this somewhat satisfying fingerless mitten, I can finally go to sleep.