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This is what I made last weekend because my son requested it.  Not so confident about this one, I was making it as I go, but my little one seems to like it, so I guess it’s fine. Maybe, just maybe…. if I have the time, I will try make a better one and write out the pattern.

Oh. And I just notice, it’s missing the sword. I guess that’s this week’s project…


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Welcome to the Blog of Catcozy

I’ve started a blog at some point back in 2006 and stopped updating anything much since 2008 – the year of my graduation.   Life becomes busy.  Working, studying and taking care of my kid and I just stopped doing what I love most  – Crafting!

But life is not fun without doing things I love the most, so here I am, beginning to get things together so I can make more crafts and show it on my blog.

Although there might not be much to see on my blog for now, please feel free to visit my store at www.catcozy.com to see things I’ve done.