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Crochet Onigiri Sushi Cat


I have created a series of crochet sushi cats back in December when I had my first holiday market and was planning to write out my patterns then, but I had been too busy with work, new projects and vacations etc., that I couldn’t set aside any time to finish writing out my patterns.

FINALLY, I had no special plans this long weekend, and I have finalize one of my patterns (see below for this happy looking onigiri sushi cat ūüôā ).


If you want to make one or a bunch of them, please visit my shop and you can purchase the pattern there!

And I will find some time to finalize my other patterns soon!


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Crochet Baby Converse!!

My first pair of crochet Converse!

I’ve always wanted to make a pair and finally got a chance to make this as a gift. ¬†I didn’t write out a pattern this time because my pair of crochet Converse was based on different patterns I found on the internet. ¬†I was taking out bits and pieces from different patterns depending on ¬†my likes as I crochet. However, I do¬†found¬†this video¬†very helpful. ¬†If you wanted to crochet a pair of Converse, this is definitely a video you should look at!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!












I had been looking around the internet for the past few weeks to look for the perfect rose pattern to crochet. ¬†I wanted to make some roses in time for Valentine’s day ‚ô• ! There are plenty of good patterns out there, but¬†there were several criteria that I was looking for – like using worst weight yarn, having pointy pedals and making one where I don’t have to crochet the leaves separately. ¬†Yes, I am a little picky, so I ended up looking through different patterns and came up with my own. ¬†The pattern for the roses you see in the picture is now up on my free pattern section. ¬†If you want to make something quick and pretty, either as a gift or for yourself, this is definitely a great project to make! ¬†ūüôā

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Happy Chinese New Year!


This year is the year of the rooster, so I’ve created a golden chicken pattern to celebrate the Chinese New Year. ¬†This golden chicken is a happy one. ¬†It makes a good company and it’s definitely a cute decoration. ¬†Also, it is quite simple to make. ¬†If you want to make one, please visit my shop and you can purchase it from there!

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Free Patterns!

Thought I’d just announced that I’ve added a “Free Patterns” section to my blog and I have added two patterns to it!

These two patterns of coasters are created a few months back when I was asked to teach about basic crocheting techniques for an event at my workplace.

These basic techniques includes chaining, slip stitch, single crochet and double crochet. ¬†If you’ve just learn about crocheting and wanted to practice your skill or you just wanted to work on a quick project. ¬†These patterns are perfect for you!

coaster-1 coaster-2